Web and mobile performance
Achieve excellent online performance with the help of Multi-CDN systems, Managed DNS, and Site Accelerators. Ensure fast delivery of heavy content across all devices, browsers, network types, and locations.
SKyrocketing online performance
Static & Dynamic CDN
Reduce the website load time through network & content optimization and intelligent caching. CDNs are able to cache all static and dynamic assets, which significantly accelerates content delivery and ensures your website visitors see only the latest information available.
Provide your international audience with an unparalleled access speed regardless of the location, device, or provider they use. Multi-CDNs let you store content closer to the end-users, offload traffic at peak hours, and help avoid downtime. Essential for enterprises.
Advanced Streaming Solutions
Optimize streaming of the live and on-demand video content to deliver an outstanding viewing experience across any devices and networks, at any speed. With the most innovative load balancing tools in the stack, we can ensure almost 100% uptime of your streaming service.
Image Optimization & Delivery
Publish high-quality images without any performance degradation of the website. Automatically resize, compress, and optimize visual content for any device on the fly, instantly publish new images, and easily upload original assets to the cloud.
A slow website can cause the cart abandonment rate to grow up to 75%
Mobile Delivery
Adopt aggressive optimization strategies to eliminate delays in the website load time. Ensure instant access to your webpages from the closest servers available. We use separate caches designed exclusively for mobile devices to provide the lowest DNS response time.
China Delivery
Remove any bottlenecks on your way to the ever-growing market of China with our profound knowledge of the Chinese legislation system and China-based CDNs. DGI will help you acquire a proper license and ensure your company is compliant with MIIT.
EDGE Computing
Decentralize system architecture and take your data centers as close to the end-users as possible to reduce network hops, deliver your content faster, mitigate the latency and other bandwidth constraints of the modern Internet.
Premium Managed DNS
Control Internet domains with the multi-CDN and multi-Cloud optimization integrated into a DNS service. Configure traffic algorithms based on real-time telemetry and automatically route customers to the optimal delivery endpoint.
Every next second of the website's load time decreases the conversion rate by an average of 4,42%
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