hosting and hardware
Accelerate performance of your corporate network with optimized hosting services and hardware from the most renowned brands like Dell, Supermicro, or Cisco.
hosting services
Choose what goes in your technology stack from a variety of proven solutions, at a highly competitive price
Focus on your core business while we take care of the web hosting hassles. DGI designs and implements IT infrastructure for your project from scratch and provides 24/7 maintenance and support. We build performant and secure solutions that will serve for ages.
Create a high-performance environment, maximize your business's uptime and reduce operational costs using our data centers. You control the server software and content while DGI takes responsibility for maintenance, updates, security, and other organizational activities.
Introduce communication services to your IT infrastructure. DGI offers solutions for internal and external interactions such as video calls, web meetings, and conference calls, and can even set up an entire call center for outgoing communications with your customers.
Use public clouds for data storage and backup needs, disaster recovery, block storage, SSD storage, object storage, and bulk data transfer. With DGI resources, you can securely store sensitive data on remote disks and recover whole systems in case of data loss.
Hardware Offerings
A wide range of hardware and supplies from the best vendors in the industry
Warranty renewal
Refurbished hardware
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digital environment built by experts from dgi tech group
From analysis and design to implementation and ongoing maintenance, we deliver all-round solutions for your business
DGI provides services tailored exclusively for your business. Focus on the tasks that require your attention – we'll do all the technical work for you.
Value your time
Reduce the time of decision-making. Identify your customers' needs and rely on our experts to build the most suitable solutions for your end-users.
Customize your stack
Share your requirements and expectations with the DGI team and watch us configure a technology stack you've been craving for.
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