Cloud Security
Keep your cloud infrastructure resilient to external attacks and prevent data loss while delivering uninterrupted online services to your clients.
Highly secure cloud infrastructure
Disruption-free performance of your cloud solutions even under severe attacks
DDoS Protection and Mitigation
Handle all types of DDoS attacks targeted at your cloud environment, instantly restore systems and deliver a smooth online experience to your customers while eliminating the ongoing threats.
Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF)
Keep your cloud system safe from the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities and multi-stage attacks, such as Advanced persistent threats (APT). Stay compliant with the PCI DSS standards.
Bot Protection
Block a wide range of automated attacks and sophisticated behavioral patterns before bots get into your web apps or databases. Our bot protection service is fast & easy to deploy.
61% of malware is being delivered via cloud applications
Fraud Protection
Save multimillion businesses from large-scale automated attacks. Evaluate online transactions and behavioral signals to block suspicious traffic and stop fraudulent activities.
API Security
Prevent attackers from abusing APIs before they take control of the most sensitive data of your business and customers. Eliminate blind spots and detect vulnerabilities with the help of the AI technology.
Zero-trust Security
Ensure only authorized access to all parties of your enterprise, from any location. We help you build a secure access architecture with no interruption of project development.
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70% of companies report security incidents when hosting data on the cloud
smart approach to the cloud-based development with dgi tech group
Build secure and performant cloud systems your customers will love
Feel safe with DGI
Protect your cloud systems from hackers, fraudsters, bots, and data abuse of any severity level. We will make sure your platforms stay available in any condition.
Deliver excellent ux
Minimize cloud platform downtime and instantly detect attacks on the web during peak traffic hours to deliver a seamless customer experience to your end-users.
Build a trustworthy brand
Create a highly-secure cloud environment for your customers to collect and store mission-critical data. Powered by the best technologies in the market.
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