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We help businesses and enterprises optimize their IT infrastructure and build whole new systems from scratch
  • Cloud security
    Build secure cloud systems able to withstand severe cyber attacks. Optimize your cloud infrastructure to deliver an uninterrupted online experience to your global clients.
  • web and mobile performance
    Grow your customers' satisfaction rate by ensuring instant loading of webpages, delivering high-quality media content, and streaming live videos with no downtime.
  • hosting and hardware
    Build a tech stack to meet your corporate needs or let our expert team choose it for you. Work with the solutions and hardware supplied by the best names in the IT industry.
we got you covered. 24/7
focus on solving your business tasks while the DGI TEAM takes full control of the operational procedures
Analysis & Recommendations
We carry out an analysis of the existing technology stack of your company and give recommendations on how it can be improved to help you run your projects at full speed.
hipothesis testing & fast implementation
Over the years in IT, we've gained all the necessary skills and expertise to pick up successful strategies and implement them faster than any in-house development teams.
Cutting-edge solutions & competitive pricing
We are working with the vendors of the most advanced solutions available in the market, which gives us an exclusive right to provide our clients with special pricing conditions.
Optimization, maintenance & Support
After it's all set, we provide you with a dedicated manager and tech support team to handle your queries 24/7. Our specialists also keep looking for ways to optimize your system.
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industries we are proudly serving
We keep expanding our global presence engaging customers from new spheres and countries. If you haven't found your industry below, contact our manager to enroll.
  • SaaS
our cases
We are working with thousands of customers worldwide, helping startups, SMBs, and huge corporations achieve their business goals by building and optimizing their digital systems. Below are some of the success stories we feel excited to share with you.
Solution: Dynamic CDN and Mobile delivery
Solution: Data Protection and Cloud Security
Solution: Dynamic API and Image Optimization
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